Hosted DB

OmniAI's Hosted DB option provides a flexible and secure cloud-hosted PostgreSQL instance for data transformations. This solution is ideal for standalone data analytics, working with static datasets such as CSV uploads, or handling data sets that do not support write operations, like HTTP requests. The Hosted DB option simplifies data transformation projects by managing the infrastructure, allowing users to focus on deriving insights from their data.

How It Works:

  1. Transformation and Storage: OmniAI performs the specified data transformations and stores the results in a dedicated PostgreSQL database hosted in the cloud.

  2. Foreign Key Relations: The transformed data maintains a foreign key relationship to the source data, ensuring referential integrity and enabling complex analytical queries.

  3. Read-Only Access: Users are provided with a PostgreSQL connection string to access the database. This connection is read-only to preserve the integrity of the transformed data.

Example Use Case:

  • A user selects the customer_reviews table for sentiment analysis. OmniAI processes the data and creates a new customer_reviews table within a hosted PostgreSQL instance. This table includes the original data alongside the transformed rows, enabling comprehensive analysis.

Configuration Options:

  • Source Data Specification: Users must specify the source data, whether it be a database table or a CSV file.

  • Transformation Selection: Choose the specific transformation to apply, such as sentiment analysis or data cleansing.

  • Access Credentials: OmniAI will provide a PostgreSQL connection string upon setup, granting read-only access to the transformed data.

  • Additional Headers for HTTP Requests: For data sources requiring HTTP requests, users can configure additional headers, such as API keys, for secure data retrieval.

  • Response Format Configuration: Specify the format (e.g., JSON, CSV) that OmniAI should expect from HTTP endpoints to correctly parse and store the data.

Ideal for:

  • Standalone data analytics projects.

  • Working with static data sets, particularly those uploaded via CSV.

  • Data sources that are primarily read-oriented or where write operations are not feasible.

Note: The Hosted DB option is designed to accommodate data transformation needs without the necessity for direct integration within your existing data storage infrastructure. It offers a simplified, managed environment for users to access and analyze their transformed data with minimal setup and maintenance requirements.

With the Hosted DB option, OmniAI aims to deliver a hassle-free data transformation service, enabling users to unlock valuable insights from their data without the complexities of managing the underlying database infrastructure.

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