Connect any PostgreSQL databases with OmniAI.

Configuration Options:

  • Host: The hostname or IP address of the PostgreSQL server.

  • Port: The port number on which the PostgreSQL server is listening (default is 5432).

  • Database: The name of the PostgreSQL database you want to connect to.

  • User: Your PostgreSQL database user login name.

  • Password: The password associated with your PostgreSQL database user.

  • SSL Mode: (Optional) The desired level of SSL certificate verification (e.g., require, verify-full, disable). Recommended for secure connections.

Ensure your PostgreSQL database is configured to accept connections from OmniAI and the user account has the necessary privileges for data operations. This setup facilitates direct interactions with your PostgreSQL data, including querying, extraction, and loading, to enhance your data analysis and integration efforts with OmniAI.

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