CSV Upload

For uploading CSV files to OmniAI, users must provide the CSV file along with specific configuration details to ensure correct data handling and integration:

Configuration Options:

  • CSV File: The CSV file to be uploaded. Ensure the file adheres to the format requirements (e.g., correct delimiters, encapsulation of text fields).

  • Primary Key: Specify the column in your CSV that will serve as the primary key. This is crucial for identifying unique records, especially if you plan to append or update data in the table created from this CSV in the future.

  • Delimiter: (Optional) The character used to separate fields in your CSV file (default is ,).

  • Text Qualifier: (Optional) The character used to enclose text fields, especially if they contain the delimiter character (default is ").

Selecting a primary key is essential for data management, particularly if additional data will be added or existing records updated. Ensure your CSV file is correctly formatted and the primary key column is accurately identified to facilitate smooth data integration with OmniAI.

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